302 / 351W
Small block ford
Coil over plug ignition
1 Coil per cylinder conversion system for Ford 302 / 351 small blocks
Millermon ignition systems has not only created the most powerful ford ignition system conversion
for ford but its also the most elegant. Nothing is worse than a big bulky ugly distributor someone
has tried to convert into a cam sensor. Each Millermon racing distributor is hand made from high
quality Billet 6061 aluminum blocks. This system allows the use of the LS1 MSD 6010 ignition box
(1 coil per cylinder), which is fully programmable. Now you can program your ignition timing, and
have complete control over igintion advance. All sensors are common LS1 components, which can
be found at almost all parts stores.
Prices have not been set yet, but we are taking pre-orders for production. If your
interested please contact us and let us know so we can include it in the pre-production
demand. No payment necessary to be included in production list.
Benjamin Millermon
NEW 4X distributor and 58X reluctor